About Colorado Energy Star Homes

Energy Star Homes are a critical part of the Governor’s Energy Office (GEO). Through this program, the GEO works closely with local governments, community organizations, utilities, homebuilder associations, homebuilders and home energy raters to support the statewide construction and testing of new energy-efficient single-family homes. Colorado Energy Star Homes aims to increase consumer awareness of energy efficiency options in residential new construction, and actively support all participating Colorado Energy Star homebuilders. All certified new homes receive the Energy Star label to allow for simple identification by Colorado homebuyers.

This simple identification system is great for homebuyers who are looking to focus their home search on energy-efficient homes. (It’s also great for sellers who are looking to market their home at the best possible price.) What this identification system isn’t good at is talking about the broader effects and goals of Energy Star Homes for the long-term sustainability of life in Colorado and in the population centers of the Front Range especially.

Energy Star ratings continue to be an important institutional standard for buyers and sellers to evaluate the energy-efficiency performance of individual home systems and appliances as well as the home itself. Yet, Energy Star isn’t the only way to search for green/energy-efficiency/eco-friendly home. We also like to talk about Net Zero homes as well as all the latest technologies for home improvement and home building.