Eco-Friendly Colorado Neighborhoods Through the Years: Westminster’s Holly Park Townhome

In the current age, we are losing valuable resources, including ones that are nonrenewable, so some homes are requiring other materials. These new materials are oftentimes more expensive, and the cost to house your family is increasing. A new way to develop affordable homes for the rising population sounds almost impossible with our fleeting resources, but there are some companies in local Colorado neighborhoods working to make this possible.

The Urban Land Conservancy
ULC is planning home development in Holly Park, Westminster. 58 homes are planning to be developed in this neighborhood, and ULC has partnered with Thrive Home Builders. Thrive will be the ones developing the townhomes, and will be more affordable for those who are earning 80% of AMI and below. Thrive has been known to create energy efficient homes with plenty of net-zero features. These percentages are found in this article.

Clean indoor air is extremely important to homeowners, and Thrive is working hard to ensure the healthiest homes at affordable prices. This will be ULC’s first run of affordable homes in the area of Westminster, and they are very excited for the new developments. These homes are planned to be up for presales in early 2021, and ULC is planning on adding another partnership with ECLT to begin prequalifying potential buyers.

Creating sustainable and affordable homes will undoubtedly ease the pain of finding a home for new homeowners with low income. Not to mention helping out the planet. ULC is planning on moving residents into their new homes in late 2021 or early 2022, so if you’re looking for an affordable home in Colorado, be sure to keep your eyes open for a chance at a sustainable and affordable home.