Eco-Friendly Colorado Neighborhoods Through the Years: Fowler’s Renewable Energy Plan

The population is rising, and more resources are being used up for good. It seems like there may not be a way to sustain our modern lifestyles forever with the growing worry of using up everything the Earth has gave us; luckily, there are towns where the community is actively working to solve these problems.

One of the biggest resources that is often wasted is electricity. Many farming communities are lacking support and having a hard time getting by. A community in Fowler, Colorado is one of the farming communities working to make a difference; they are planning to generate their own electricity.

This can seem crazy to some, but the people of Fowler have come up with plans. Although they are not set in stone, the people are working hard to make all of the plans come to fruition to help the environment and the community both. The current plan is to utilize and empty canning plant by turning it into a solar-panel factory. The electricity for Fowler will be generated from manure-based gas and bio-fuel.

Most of Fowler’s community agrees with the plans and claim that this is the way to improve America’s economy. They truly believe in the plan to work out and prove that this is a successful option by creating a test subject out of the community. When people come together to do good, this is what happens.

807 solar panels are planned to be ready to use in May. This will supposedly generate almost all the needs of municipal energy each year. This plan is assumed to save the town $20,000 by the end of the first year. And it doesn’t stop there. Fowler is still committed to trying out other sustainable plans. These statistics were gathered from the Star Tribune that can tell you even more details.